It started when I was 13 with the 40+ hours a week I spent building a jewelry business. It wasn't a perfect science, and somewhere between juggling entrepreneurship and high school, I discovered photography. It became this incredible art that allowed me to foster relationships and document the details that I always noticed in the way we operate as humans- tender glances that reassure or laughter that causes everyone else to smile. 

In the past 7+ years, the most beautiful images I've seen or developed are the ones that make you feel something. I believe  attention to detail and comfort is key in the pursuit of creating art and meaningful photographs. If I have the privilege of working with you, I’d like for you and those that take part in your day or session to feel at ease. I'm incredibly passionate about people and experiences. I believe wedding days are a distinct opportunity to be encouraged by the purpose of marriage while serving others- whether you're a groom, guest, or vendor. Photography is just as much about the art of relationships as it is craftsmanship in the photographs I deliver. 

I am currently living in Lynchburg, Virginia, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I settled here in early 2017 after studying Business & Marketing at Liberty University and traveling the U.S. for 8 months. Though this is my home base, most weekends I'm on my way to weddings and projects across the country (moving 13 times before you're 20 allows you make a few friends). I've found that I'm most at home somewhere between Texas, North Carolina, and anything by the water- always discovering, always learning how to hold loosely to dreams and things.