I saw the world.... not just the one on Pinterest or through other blogs. I saw the world through my own eyes. I breathed in the city & mountain air through my lungs and I felt and saw things that seem unreal now. This trip changed me. As naive as it may seem for me to be "changed" by travel, it's true. I saw a side of the world that is altogether breathtaking and heart breaking. I felt more of Jesus in the mountains of Switzerland than I did in the architectural wonders and churches of Rome. I experienced true grace and kindness from people I've never met, who spoke in languages I cannot come close to understanding. I am so incredibly grateful for every bit of this trip and all of the memories left over.

3 days in Naples + 4 in rome + 4 in Zurich + 3 in Paris

Part one = Our stay at theLa Ciliegina hotel in Naples with day trips to the Herculanium+Pompeii and Capri+Sorento.

Fresh off the boat from Naples to Capri

From the highest mountain on Capri- the most spectacular views I've ever seen.