I walked away from every other city we visited knowing exactly how I felt about what we saw, whether I would come again, or if I even like being there. It was a sense that you could mold and shape the city to fit what you liked, hoped for, or desired. Paris was not so. It's as if it unapologetically stays constant without bending to fill peoples expectations or misconceptions. 

Kind but not overly friendly. History galore, but it did not feel crowded with tourist. Churches that are packed with human beings with cameras no longer speak the same truth into those lives. I've never been anywhere like Paris. It still seems to be an enigma. Utterly breathtaking and fascinating yet heartbreaking.

Paris is incredible. Not perfect with sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns, but incredible in the fact that it's alive. Completely imperfect but absolutely beautiful. 



Oh, Switzerland. This country has my heart. There's so much rest in this beautiful place. As if the country and people have this innate ability to be so assured amidst the mountains and breathtaking water. The architecture was incredible and the whether in July was perfect.

The best, best part of our trip- we took a train, a ferry, a shuttle and our own two feet to the top of Mount Pilatus in Lucerne. From the very top we saw all of Zurich with overlapping green hills, snowy peaks, and green-blue water. The views, my good gracious, they knocked my socks off and made me fall even more in love with this incredible place.

Part one coast of Italy here // Part two Rome here


I was trudging out of our hotel in Rome at 5 in the morning to catch our taxi to the train station.... As I was lugging my massive suitcase already filled with treasures down four hundred year old steps I stumbled, twisted my ankle and rolled onto the cobblestone street just in time for our taxi driver to pull up and see my graceful fall.... I know what you're thinking… It does take quite a bit of skill to trip on four hundred year old steps.

I would like to think travel is always sunshine and roses in my family, but I don't think that will ever be possible with the way we travel at lightning speed. I felt and looked ridicules as I limped through Zurich and Paris on the second half of our trip, but I made it home alive! Needless to say, three months later I can finally run, and I can't say I didn't milk it just a bit with extra gellato trips. I also like to pride myself on the fact that I apparently looked and/or sounded very Italian (with the few phrases I know!) due to the fact that I constantly had locals trying to make conversation. What can I say, apparently my German roots have been replaced.

What I loved about the Rome- cobblestone streets(killer on the feet though), historic architecture draped with violets and moss, flower markets with buckets of roses and hydrangeas, street performers, the most incredible soft light, fountains, and breathtaking structures. I loved the time I spent on the coast with my dad the first several days of our trip and Capri is absolutely one of my favorite city's, but nothing quite feels like Rome. It seems so familiar and warm. I also love that my oldest sister Morgan joined us on our second day in the city(along with receiving requests for "English lessons" from two waters in one day), and two of my other siblings, Alex and Taylor got on board on our last morning in Rome… Just in time to catch our train to Switzerland.

Now, on to the lovelies...... Enjoy!

My favorite image from Rome- the city view from the top of the Spanish steps.

 And of course, a peek into our instagrams! You can see more of our trip with the hashtag #seekenziegotoeurope


I saw the world.... not just the one on Pinterest or through other blogs. I saw the world through my own eyes. I breathed in the city & mountain air through my lungs and I felt and saw things that seem unreal now. This trip changed me. As naive as it may seem for me to be "changed" by travel, it's true. I saw a side of the world that is altogether breathtaking and heart breaking. I felt more of Jesus in the mountains of Switzerland than I did in the architectural wonders and churches of Rome. I experienced true grace and kindness from people I've never met, who spoke in languages I cannot come close to understanding. I am so incredibly grateful for every bit of this trip and all of the memories left over.

3 days in Naples + 4 in rome + 4 in Zurich + 3 in Paris

Part one = Our stay at theLa Ciliegina hotel in Naples with day trips to the Herculanium+Pompeii and Capri+Sorento.

Fresh off the boat from Naples to Capri

From the highest mountain on Capri- the most spectacular views I've ever seen.