What Makes You Come Alive

As business owners, we become our own accountants, sales associates, graphic designers, managers, assistants, and (you fill in the blank). We become overwhelmed and stressed, because we try to play every role possible… typically under the guise of saving money or just because "we do it best." The truth is, when we try to do it all we become overworked and stressed, which leaves less time for us to cultivate the talents we initially founded our businesses on. We each have gifts to share with this world. When we chose to fill every role that is necessary in our businesses ourselves, we do our clients and ourselves a disservice.  

 I'm challenging myself this week to stop and refocus on what I do best. Whether it means hiring an assistant or booking monthly meetings with your accountant, do it. Let other people bless your clients by helping you run the extra areas of your business. So, ask yourself, what makes you come alive. Take time now to get back to the core of what makes you happy and why you started your business.